Sriracha chili sauce. You either love or abstain from its spiciness, but there’s no doubt that it’s becoming a standard condiment at many dining tables these days. Inspired by Southeast Asia, the long red chili pepper-based sauce has gained such popularity in parts of America that it now has a sort of cult status, akin to bacon. However, sriracha isn’t the only hot sauce worthy of a cult. If you’ve tried one particular hot sauce from Rwanda, you might be convinced that it has real potential to be the next “hot” item.

Speaking of heat: is it merely the heat in Akabanga that could make it cult-worthy outside of a Rwandan airport? No. Akabanga does in fact, have a distinct, unique flavor to it — one unlike any found in a red chili pepper-based sauce — that’s hard to describe. It’s partly smoky and a little bitter when it registers with your taste buds. Whatever it is, it’s great on eggs, meats, stews, soups — anything that could use a little kick

Final Verdict: 5 (out of 5) stars.
Look out, sriracha. If Akabanga ever makes it to the U.S.A., the heat will definitely be on. I mean, its little eyedropper bottle packaging alone could be cult-worthy, not to mention its unique flavor and kick.