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AKABANGA International Distributor

We sell and distribute Akabanga products wordlwide
From Niyarangarama's Sina Gérard factory in Rwanda, to you, anywhere in the world.

Our mission and objectives

Our reason of existence is to promote, sale and distribute Akabanga chili oil worldwide,  thus making it to become more available and affordable to all chili oil sauce users around the world.

Who are we?  

AKABANGA 4U is an international marketing and distribution company. We are registered limited company in Rwanda with subsidiaries in London UK (for Europe)  in US-Texas (for North America) and Lagos, Nigeria. We are an authorized Akabanga chili oil international distributor and expanding our business throughout the world.

AKABANGA 4U is owned by few partners but it is the brainchild André Fouda, a Swedish national of Sub Saharan African origins. Qualified graduate in Food, Innovation and Market from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences  (SLU), André manages the company and he has the mojo to selecting and promoting African made food brands that come with high export potential. We are not only focusing to make financial gains but also to empowering local African communities involved in the whole supply chain, from cultivating the raw material (chili peppers) to manufacturing the finished food products (Akabanga) which will be marketed and sold by us. Therefore every single Akabanga product purchased is helping local communities, fight poverty and enhance Africa’s business growth in general.

What do we do and how we do it?

At AKABANGA 4U, we have teamed up with Rwanda’s Akabanga chili oil manufacturer Sina Gerard / Urwibutso Entreprises, to market , promote and expand  Akabanga chili oil brand internationally. We focus every day to finding out solutions onto how to make Akabanga a successful chili oil brand and accessible to everyone. We strongly believe in supporting small African businesses and particularly those specialized in food products manufacturing with high potential for exports into western markets in terms of taste and quality of their products. In order to achieve our mission, we aim to provide a cost effective supply chains for wholesalers. Prospective clients may contact us at any time if they are interested to carrying our Akabanga chili oil brand on their stores’ shelves.

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How it all started..
Akabanga Story

The word Akabanga pronounced ‘aka’-‘banga’ means ‘little secret’ in Kinyarwanda, one of Rwanda’s official language. Businessman and Food entrepreneur Sina Gérard first came up with this unique chili oil recipe in early 2001 and the product was commercialized in the local Kigali market without any brand name. He then reported that his product quickly became very popular, and particularly among women. They started calling the product Akabanga because they firmly believed that there was a special secret manhood ingredient in it. They often reported that Akabanga made their husband happy and very excited, some men would even get very disappointed at diner table if there was no Akabanga to spice up their meal…! Eventually Sina Gérard adopted Akabanga as the brand name for the now internationally famous chili oil.


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